Football to Football , More uninspiring copied work

It has become easier to find copycats these days or maybe the copycats have just become too lazy and are copying such hallmarks of motion graphics nowadays its become easier to spot it . This latest gem is a replica of the 2010 rebrand done by troika for ESPN . The “new” spot is almost 2 years behind in execution and lightyears in quality . Its a spot for Turkish football , I think searching for the word football , Troika’s work was the first to pop up and the first to get copied , too bad for them . So without further delay here it is , the original and the less inspiring cheap knockoff


On a side note sorry for the lack of quick tips or resources of any kind , I’m currently at a TV network that is still off the air and most of my finished work can’t be shared until we go live so you’ll have to wait a bit on me with that . I’m also working on a couple of presets I’ll share soon . Thanks for visiting

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